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Axis II - Social inclusion and the fight against poverty - Nidi gratis

“Nidi Gratis” voucher scheme involves different Actors in order to ensure free access to childcare for vulnerable families.

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In order to ensure free access to childcare for vulnerable families, since 2017 Lombardy Region is promoting the initiative “Nidi Gratis (which means “Free access to nursery schools”).

“Nidi Gratis” voucher scheme involves the following actors and procedural steps:

Families (including single parent families) which might apply under the following conditionsA) having a child attending a childcare facility enrolled by the Municipality in the initiative “Nidi Gratis”;
B) being both parents resident in Lombardy and employed or, if not employed, involved in an active labour policy;
C) having an Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE) up to 20.000 euro;
Municipalities which are called to enrol their childcare services (0-3) and to adopt a regulation cost scheme aimed at making childcare facilities more affordable for low-income families by fixing a reduced fee;
Lombardy Region which manages “Nidi Gratis” through:A) the publication of the list of Municipalities enrolling their childcare services to “Nidi Gratis”;
B) the selection of the applications submitted by families potential beneficiaries;
C) the reimbursement to the Municipalities of the reduced fee due by the families according to the regulation cost scheme.
The families resulting beneficiaries of the voucher “Nidi Gratis” are entitled to access public childcare facilities with no fees.

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